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Personal Licence

Right to Work – Changes to Licensing Forms

19 December 2018

New Application and Notice Forms for Licensed Applications following Updated List of Documents to Evidence of Individual’s Entitlement to Work…

Scottish government introduces fee for personal licence renewals

29 August 2018

The Licensing (Fees) (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2018 has been laid before Scottish Parliament and will introduce the fee from October…

The Scottish Government issue advice to Personal Licence Holders for renewal applications.

08 August 2018

In preparation for Personal Licence renewals due in September 2019, the Scottish Government has issued a communication for Personal Licence…

Scottish Government consults on introduction of personal licence renewal fee

17 July 2018

The Scottish Government is inviting comments on the proposal to introduce a fee for applying to renew a Personal Licence…

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Holiday allowance for a Designated Premises Supervisor

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Personal licence holders query

How many personal licence holders do I need?

Personal Licence and SIA (Security Industry Authority) Licence

Do I need to tell the authorities about an assault charge?

Lost Personal Licence

How do I apply for a new one?

Personal Licence Expiry Date

Are we ok to ignore the expiry date shown on the personal licence?

Possession of a personal licence

Should a member of staff carry their personal licence with them?

Nightclubs and Personal Licence Holders

Do I need to have two personal licence holders to work at my club?

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