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Lost Personal Licence

How do I apply for a new one?

Q:  I used to manage a bar a few years back but left the trade some years ago. I am now looking to take on a managerial role at a local bar but I seem to have lost my personal licence. I know I will need my personal licence for the job; do I need to apply for a new licence to the Council where I now live?

A:  Firstly, as the need to renew personal licences has been abolished, and assuming that yours has not been surrendered or revoked and was not due to expire before 1 April 2015, then your personal licence is still effective and will carry on indefinitely. You do not need to apply for a new personal licence but if you have lost your personal licence you will need to apply to the Licensing Authority from whom you obtained your original licence for a duplicate, which will cost £10.50.  Also, you must inform them of any change of address.

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