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Holiday allowance for a Designated Premises Supervisor

Do I have to notify the Local Authority?

Q:  I am a Designated Premises Supervisor of a pub in a city centre.  I was told recently that if I go on holiday, which I plan to for 21 days, I have to advise the Licensing Authority of the changed circumstances of the pub.  Is this correct?

A:  There is no requirement that the DPS must be present all the time otherwise you would have to be chained to the pub and not allowed to leave at all! However, in an ideal world the person you leave in command in your absence is a Personal Licence Holder but do note this is not actually a formal requirement so there is no need to amend the licence by appointing a replacement. Always, however, check your licence conditions. Either you or your deputy (if a Personal Licence Holder) should update your forms of authorisation for all those non-Personal Licence holding staff to sell alcohol in your absence. It is always worth going through a training update before your departure, making sure everyone is comfortable with their responsibilities. If your chain of command is clear you should be able to go away and enjoy your holiday in the knowledge that the pub is in safe hands.

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