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Licensing Testimonials


Lisa Inzani is efficient, intelligent, approachable but most of all reliable. She will always go the extra mile for her clients.’

‘Subject matter experts and tactical problem solvers.’


‘I find Lisa Inzani’s licensing team very reactive, prompt and efficient in comparison with other licensing firms.’

As a business we work most closely with David Inzani who we can always rely on when it comes to providing clear, measured and pragmatic licensing advice. Furthermore, David is friendly, calm, engaging and has a genuine interest in meeting the future needs of the business.’

“Very efficient, great communication skills, real willingness to engage with client and other professionals in a collaborative and commercial manner.”


‘I have dealt with the team at Poppleston Allen on licensing matters for over 12 years now. In all that time we have not had a premises licence application refused. Their knowledge and understanding of how we operate our businesses is invaluable when it comes to dealing with the various local authorities across the country.’


“A fantastic licensing practice which deserves its reputation. A dedicated team, always willing to go above and beyond to assist with licensing queries. Sharing a fountain of knowledge via their website, conferences and guides.”

“We have always found their service to be very reliable, have not lost a license in all of that time and they are always available even if any issues arise in the dead of night, although thankfully, that is an extremely rare occurrence.”


‘They are the industry go-to team. Exceptional service from real experts. Very easy to deal with and super commercial in their approach with great service standards.’

“I have always received direct and practical advice with regards to the options available and applicable costs. The pros and cons of all options are always clearly explained.”

“The team are exceptional. They are all knowledgeable, engaging and patient.”


“Poppleston Allen provides a licensing service. They are friendly and approachable. They do enforcement work for us along with variations.”

“The team at Poppleston are all approachable and extremely knowledgeable in their relevant fields of expertise.”


“The support we receive is extremely professional, in time, precisely answered and very often pro-active.”

“A diverse group of dynamic, proactive, experienced and creative lawyers. Adept at achieving client objectives even when they are out of the ordinary.”


‘The key strength of the team is its knowledge and understanding of the licensing and leisure market in which it practices. Highly experienced lawyers with commercial judgment which they bring to bear on legal advice to clients.’

“Poppleston Allen are without a doubt the leaders in licensing. The are professional, knowledgeable, experienced and also personable. Their specialist knowledge always provides the confidence that their advice is right. They also provide us with a licensing database which allows us 24/7 access to essential information and has significantly improved our ways of working around licensing.”


‘Poppleston Allen are experts in licensing law, they have worked with us on for many years on all licencing matters. They guide us through complex matters on new sites and variations on existing sites. They are commercial, deliver within tight timescales and are very responsive.’

“Large number of very experienced solicitors with national reach.”

“Poppleston Allen has been a nationally recognized specialist licensing firm for decades. It’s lawyers at all levels provide considerable strength and depth across all forms of licensing with a substantial client base comprising many of the major operators in the hospitality and gambling sectors.”


“Poppleston Allen are solicitors that speak plain English and not legalese. They take time to understand the requirements and tailor their advice to best suit the customer and the outcome. They are not a one size fits all solution company and take time to understand what is required and how best to resolve it.”

“The team all adopt a professional, helpful approach.”


“They have a great understanding about business, have very good relationships with local police and council, and keep those relationships live on a regular basis.”

“They excel at understanding the client’s needs with respect to the commercial realities.”

James Anderson is very personable and uncomplicated to deal with.”

Graeme Cushion is my go-to. He is always helpful and supportive.”

Jonathan Smith is impressive on his feet in court or a council chamber, and he is very friendly and affable with our operational teams.”

“They have a good working relationship with most local authorities and police forces, which is vital in this area.”


“The licensing team here are very commercially focused.”

“I consider the team to be the best licensing consultants in the UK. They are commercially minded and have the ability to explain complex legals/licensing matters in a clear and concise manner.”

Gambling Testimonials


‘Poppleston Allen manage all of our licensing needs as pseudo employees. Their holistic approach is a meaningful benefit to our organisation.’

Nick Arron – The best description of him is that he understands the operators needs and supports our business from an operational stand point, making sure we achieve our objectives and are compliant in everything we do.’

Imogen Moss – A great communicator who works in an efficient and timely manner.’

Nick Arron, Richard Bradley and Imogen Moss work brilliantly as a team when required. They put you at ease with their knowledge and professionalism through a friendly helpful attitude – always putting the client first and foremost.’

‘The whole team at PA were proactive and professional throughout the process. Providing timely feedback and explaining the applications in plain English – I would highly recommend. Particularly Elizabeth who was an angel!’


‘The team at Poppleston are experts in their field and their licensing knowledge is invaluable. They are approachable and generally always available or readily respond to any communications swiftly. The are happy to discuss particular issues, some of which can be complex and offer their advice or recommendations on the appropriate action. Just really nice, professional team of people to deal with who assist with any matters, answer any queries and help with any challenges we may encounter.’

‘The partner we are dealing with is very professional, very knowledgeable, committed to dealing with any kind of questions that arise, and has a good feeling for the different interests of the different companies of our group without intervening in a biased way.’

‘All of the team that I deal directly with for various items stand out for me for different reason, they all deliver an exemplary service. Nick Arron has without doubt been a great advisory support for me. Richard Bradley, who I work closely with on licensing topics is always on hand to provide invaluable advice and support.’