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Delivering alcohol sales for the retail sector

The specialist licensing solicitors for those wanting to add alcohol sales to their retail business


How we help retail

The alcohol licensing sector is vast. Long gone are the days when alcohol was only available for consumption in traditional licensed premises such as pubs, bars and restaurants. Or only available for takeaway from a limited number of premises, such as off-licences or grocery stores.

As online shopping continues to put pressure on the high street, retail businesses from almost every sector imaginable are looking at ways to differentiate their businesses; and many are adding alcohol to extend their customer experience and increase profits.

From fashion and beauty retailers offering prosecco bars to garden centres offering alcohol as part of their retail dining experience, alcohol consumption in retail is becoming more and more common.

But it is not just bricks-and-mortar retail that is giving customers alcohol as an option. The delivery sector, driven by changing buyer behaviours and ever improving technology, is also experiencing an increased need.


Licensing legal services for the retail sector

Our specialist licensing solicitors can manage your licensing applications so you get licences you need, no matter how you want to retail alcohol.

These applications can be for new premises licences.

They can be for variations to your existing premises licences. For example, if you want to trade for longer hours. Or maybe add off sales to your service.

Our licensing solicitors can help you defend any reviews you might be facing. One of the most common reasons for a review in the retail sector is selling alcohol to under 18s. This is both against the law and breaches the ‘protection of children from harm’ Licensing Objective, which is one of the four Objectives that all premises licence holders must adhere to when retailing alcohol.

To help retailers avoid selling alcohol to under 18s, we have written a free guide called Teenage Kicks. This guide helps train and informs staff about the law, consequences and preventative measures in respect of underage sales of alcohol.

You can download Teenage Kicks here:

On top of applications and helping you with reviews, we can also deliver Personal Licence training, which is the qualification needed for the retail of alcohol.

A small sample of our retail clients includes:

  • Deliveroo
  • Weezy
  • Vue Cinemas
  • Yorkshire Wildlife Park
  • Dobbies Garden Centres
  • Chelsea Flower Show
  • 100s of independent off licences

Finding the right firm of solicitors to help with licensing laws can be tough

But you can rest assured that no matter what legal advice you need, we will have seen it and solved it before. After all, we have been working exclusively in the licensed trade since 2004 and have grown to be the largest firm of specialist licensing solicitors in the UK.