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Personal licence holders query

How many personal licence holders do I need?

Q:  I recently purchased a pub and I met with my local Police Licensing Officer, and he suggested that I should have at least one other Personal Licence Holder at the pub, as well as my Designated Premises Supervisor.  Two of the bar staff have recently passed the Award for Personal Licence Holders.  Is he right, and do they need to hold Personal Licences as well?

A:  Your Police Licensing Officer is being prudent in what he suggests.  It is always dangerous to have a single Personal Licence Holder at any licensed premises.  If you only have one Personal Licence Holder then they will be the Designated Premises Supervisor and, should they leave for any reason, then unless you can find someone holding a Personal Licence at short notice, the pub would have to stop selling alcohol. 

Simply because the two members of bar staff hold the Award for Personal Licence Holders, does not mean that they have a Personal Licence.  This is just one stage in the process, and they would also need to make an application to their own Licensing Authority where they normally reside for a Personal Licence.  Another option would be for you to apply for a Personal Licence yourself, so that you always have cover in the eventuality that your Designated Premises Supervisor does leave.

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