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Temporary event notice

Operators should look at TENs as we countdown to Woman’s World Cup

16 June 2023

With the Women’s World Cup on the other side of the World, some games are at unusual hours

Podcast, Temporary event notice

PA podcast: Suraj Desor, discuss temporary event notices – TENs licence

30 November 2021

Temporary event notices, what they are, their limitations and some top tips

Off-sales, Temporary event notice

September legal round-up on off-sales and changes to temporary event notices (TEN) allowance

30 September 2021

TENs increased for 2022 and 2023 and off-sales relaxation to continue until September 2022

Off-sales, Temporary event notice

Draft Regulations will increase Temporary Event Notice limits in 2022/2023 and extend off-sales for a further year

09 June 2021

Regulations have been laid in Parliament to further assist the hospitality industry following lockdown

Temporary event notice

Will you be kicking off early?

17 April 2019

Some Rugby World Cup dates and times you might need

Temporary event notice

Christmas TENs

21 November 2017

Top Tips - get your TENs in now for a happy Christmas

Temporary event notice

Temporary Event Notices (TENs)

17 May 2017

Top Tips - what you should consider when planning your TENs

Temporary event notice

British Summertime Approaches

28 February 2017

BST don’t get caught out

Temporary event notice

TENs: Plan ahead

10 January 2017

Top Tips on how to start the year on the front foot

Temporary event notice

TENs Christmas Reminder

05 December 2016

Christmas 2016 TENs Deadlines

Temporary event notice

Temporary Event Notices and Christmas / New Year’s Eve

10 November 2014

Beware - Christmas Eve falls on a Wednesday

Temporary event notice

New Regulations amending Temporary Event Notice forms to come into force

09 September 2014

TENs users must confirm if 'relevant entertainment' e.g. lap dancing or pole dancing will take place

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