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British Summertime Approaches

BST don’t get caught out

“In the early hours of 26th March 2017, the clocks will jump forward by one hour.

Unless there is specific provision on Premises Licences which permits licensable activities and opening to be extended by an hour when British Summertime starts, then the moment the clocks jump forward an hour, that additional hour will be lost.  So, for example, where alcohol sales are permitted until 03:00, when the clocks jump forward at 01:00 on Sunday 26th March, then the time will jump forward immediately to 02:00 and that hour will be lost!

To avoid this, you will need to issue a Temporary Event Notice to cover the additional hour in question.

Remember, you should provide at least 10 working days’ notice to issue a Standard Temporary Event Notice

So, check your Premises Licence now, because the last date to issue a Temporary Event Notice before British Summertime starts is for it to be received by the Licensing Authority by 10th March 2017”.

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