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Legal licensing challenges & opportunities post COVID

Licensing solicitors talk premises licences, outside areas and more

People eating and drinking in an outdoor area of a bar and restaurant
People enjoying an outdoor area


Many sectors in licensed leisure world rely on having their licences, such as premises licences and pavement licences, in good order to trade profitably.

During the COVID-19 pandemic these licences became even more vital for many landlords, restaurants owners and operators of licensed premises, as they have often had to change and evolve their opening hours and use outside seating in line with the ever-changing Government guidance. Plus, many operators had to ensure their licences allowed for off sales to take advantage of the burgeoning food and alcoholic drink delivery sector.

Obtaining the appropriate licensing advice is critical to tenant trade, completing leasing deals and curating the right tenant mix in a retail or leisure environment.

The end of the pandemic is creating opportunities but also challenges with some councils relaxing restrictions, some continuing them, neighbours raising more complaints than ever before and big delays in obtaining licences. The evolving sector has seen many licences fail to be maintained, damaging let-ability and property values.

This online session, chaired by Otium Real Estate Founder and chair of the Leisure Property Forum, Ashley Blake, saw specialist licensing solicitor David Inzani explore these issues, and helped bring the audience of property and real estate professionals up-to-speed on the latest developments and laws around alcohol and entertainment licensing.

For more details on this session and the contents of the presentations, contact Carl Weston on 0115 953 8500

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