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Regulated Entertainment (view video)

Solicitor Andy Grimsey gives an overview of the processes and implications of Regulated Entertainment.

Drunkenness (view video)

Partner Clare Eames discusses the legal and operational implications of drunkenness and intoxication.

Poppleston Allen Training (view video)

A look Poppleston Allen Training services.

Licensing a Pop Up (view video)

Clare Eames gives information about licensing a Pop Up.

Late Night Levies (view video)

Jonathan Smith provides an overview of the Late Night Levy, explaining who the Levy applies to and what you should do if there are proposals to introduce a Levy in your area.

Early Morning Restriction Orders (EMROs) (view video)

Jonathan Smith provides an overview of EMROs, explaining what they are and the matters a licensing authority need to take into account when considering their introduction.

Temporary Event Notices (TENs) (view video)

James Anderson provides a clear overview of the law relating to Temporary Event Notices (TENs), including what activities they cover, who can apply and the relevant time limits.

Premise Licences (view video)

Lisa Sharkey gives a brief overview of the legal requirements of holding a Premises Licence, how to obtain one and the obligations on the holder.

Premise Licence Reviews (view video)

Clare Eames gives a clear and concise explanation of the legal background to Reviews of Premises Licences, including how and why they are commenced, the implications of being subject to a Review and top tips on how to avoid being subject of one.

Noise Abatement (view video)

Steve Burnett gives excellent overview and explanation of the background to and implications of Noise Abatement Notices, as well as top tips on how to avoid noise problems.

Outside areas (view video)

Andy Grimsey provides an enlightening explanation of the legal implications of trading outside licenced premises, including top tips for avoiding enforcement and problems with neighbours.

Blue Notice Information (view video)

Jonathan Smith provides an excellent users' guide to the legal requirements of putting up a Blue Notice when applying for a Premises Licence.

Live Music Act 2012 (view video)

An insight into the changes to the Live Music Act.

Poker in Pubs (view video)

A short video about the rules and regulations of having poker games in your pub

Poppleston Allen Training Information (view video)

A short video describing the variety of courses offered

Food Safety Legislation (view video)

A short video about Food Safety Legislation