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Can I accept military ID cards as proof of age?

Are military ID cards acceptable proof of age?

Q: I have just taken over the running of a busy pub in a town where there is a military base. I am already aware that a small minority of my customers are military personnel. On several occasions, they have presented their military ID cards as proof of age when purchasing drinks. Am I allowed to accept this as a valid form of ID?

A: Yes you are. Under Home Office Guidance published in July 2012, the Government announced that Military Identification Cards could be used to prove age. The cards are held by all serving members of the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Army and Royal Air Force and by members of the Reserve Forces.

You must of course carry out a careful examination of each and every card, and remember that members of the Army, Navy or Air Force may be 16 or 17. Ensure that the Military Identification Cards comply with the following requirements:- Size – Approximately 85x53mm (credit card sized). The expiry date of the card appears at the bottom right. The holder’s rank, date of birth, height and name appear on the left hand side of the card. The holder’s Service Number is reproduced at the top centre. The holder’s photograph and a crown is superimposed over the bottom left of the photograph. Signature – There is no requirement for a Military Identification Card to be signed. There must be a holographic feature – The holographic feature is the MOD badge, made up of the fouled anchor of the Royal Navy, the crossed swords of the army and the eagle of the RAF, contained within a circle of laurel leaves and surmounted by the Royal Crown. If you have any doubts over the authenticity of the card, you must refuse service.

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