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World Day for Health & Safety at Work

How can I impress the owner of my bar who is running a health & safety audit?


The owner of my bar has found out that it is ‘World Day for Health & Safety at Work’ on the 28th April 2017. She has decided to conduct an audit of all her premises looking at the management of work related violence.

I would like to impress her. What things should I consider?


There is a legal duty to protect the health & safety of your staff under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974. You are required to carry out a risk assessment which will identify if violence is a problem at your premises and if it is, how to address the issue.

In brief, below are some areas your assessment should cover:

1. Identify the hazards such as conflict, and whether alcohol or drugs plays a part.

2. Identify who might be harmed and how. Permanent members of staff, temporary staff, members of your door team, and even toilet attendants are all at risk.

3. Evaluate risks and decide on safeguards. Face to face contact with customers, large crowds or unprofessionally dealing with complaints or disputes clearly increases risk.

4. Record your findings and implement them. Ensure that control measures are put in place and that staff are aware of them.

5. Regularly review and if necessary update your risk assessment. This is an opportunity to check whether any risks have changed and to review the effectiveness of any measures or training you have put in place.

For further information contact licensing solicitor Steve Burnett on 020 3859 7760

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