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What is regulated entertainment?

Do pool tables fall under the definition of "regulated enteratinment"?

Q: I am in the process of refurbishing my pub. I have asked my local customers for suggestions on changes to the pub and many have requested I put a couple of pool tables in place so the customers can use these. However, I understand that under the Licensing Act certain activities are defined as ‘Regulated Entertainment’ and require licensing. Currently, my Premises Licence does not permit regulated entertainment at all. If I bring in the pool tables will I need to apply to vary my Premises Licence to permit regulated entertainment?

A: The short answer is no. As the pool will be played for the private enjoyment of your customers (the participants) and not for the entertainment of spectators (an audience) it will not fall under the definition of Regulated Entertainment and will not require licensing. Furthermore, following the recent deregulation of Regulated Entertainment in respect of indoor sporting events, if you decide to host a pool tournament and the pool games were to take place in front of an audience for their entertainment, instead of just the participants’ entertainment, then such an activity would still not be classed as Regulated Entertainment (as long as the audience was not more than 1000) and would not need to be licensed.

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