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Trading your Outside Areas – What to Consider

Trading your Outside Areas

People love eating and drinking al frescoPeople love eating and drinking al fresco


I’ve leased a pub with an outside area. I have the authority to have licensable activities during the Six Nations Rugby and the Football Cup Final.

My customers will be using the outside area during the intervals.  Is there anything I should consider?


The key to protecting a licensed premises’ outside area is management.  Consider compiling a risk assessment in relation to its use. You may wish to include:

  • The use of notices requesting your customers to be quiet;
  • Use door staff or other staff to control the area. Ensuring they are appropriately trained;
    Use CCTV to monitor the area;
  • Voluntarily restricting the numbers of customers using the area;
  • Ensure the area is regularly cleared of glass or alternatively, use polycarbonate glasses;
  • Forewarning and a good relationship with neighbours could avert formal complaints to the authorities;
  • Consider whether it is absolutely necessary to have music in the outside area;
  • Ensure that you have permission to use the area. For example, check your Pavement Licence and / or planning permission to see which areas are covered, and whether your Premises Licence permits licensable activities in that area;
  • Check your Premises Licence to see whether there are restrictions to its use, whether the area is part of the plan showing the licensed area, or if you have on and off-sales.

For further information, contact Licensing Solicitor, Steve Burnett on 0203 859 7759.

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