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Testing extended hours – the power of TENs

Testing extended hours – the power of TENs

Thought about opening later to get more sales?Thought about opening later to get more sales?###


Following a quiet start to the year, I am looking to offer something different in my pub to try and increase trade. I was specifically considering extending my hours of trade on a weekend, but do not want to go to the expense of changing my premises licence until I know it will work – is there a way I can do this?


It is possible to extend your hours of trade beyond what is permitted on your premises licence but you would need to apply for a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) from your local authority. The key points to note regarding TEN’s are:

  • It can be for no more than 499 people (including staff and performers);
  • Your premises can have no more than 15 TEN’s per year which cannot in total cover more than 21 days (with one event being no more than 7 days);
  • There must be a gap of at least 24 hours between each event;
  • You are required to provide 10 working days’ notice for a TEN which does not include the date of the event or the day the authority receive the application;
  • You should ensure that Licensing Police and EHO receive a copy of the application and that licensing receive the required application fee of £21.

For further information, please contact Licensing Solicitor, Natasha Beck on 0115 9349 192.

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