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Temporary Event Notices (TENs)

Timescales between events

Q:  I am one of the Committee that looks after a Private Members Club.  At present, we only have a Club Premises Certificate, and we are frequently approached by non-members who want to hire our function room for events, which will then be attended by non-members.  I know that we can apply for a Premises Licence, but we haven’t as yet got around to that.  We have been asking those who wish to use the function room to apply for Temporary Event Notices, but we have an event in two months’ time where somebody wants to hire the function room on the Friday night and then the Saturday after.  Someone has told me that we have to have at least 24 hours immediately between events to have a second Temporary Event Notice.  Is this correct?

A:  There is a provision in the Licensing Act 2003 which requires there to be 24 hours between events, but that only relates to where the Temporary Event Notices are being issued by the same person or by two people who are in some way connected.  If the Temporary Event Notices for the Friday and Saturday are being issued by the same person, or by people who are in business with each other, or are in some other way connected, for example, their spouse, relative, or an agent or employee, then one could not immediately follow the other without a 24 hour gap.  Two Temporary Event Notices which are being issued by two people who are completely unconnected with each other however, are absolutely fine.  Do however remember that 10 working days’ notice has to be given for a Standard Temporary Event Notice to be issued, or between 5 and 9 days for a Late Temporary Event Notice.  However, should the Police or Environmental Health make any representation against a Late Temporary Event Notice, then this acts as “veto”, which would mean that there would be no opportunity for the event to go ahead.

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