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Nudity by the back door

New temporary event notice form

Q: I am confused by the new Temporary Event Notice form. One of the boxes asks me whether I intend to have any ‘regulated entertainment’ and then further down I am asked whether I want to have any ‘relevant entertainment’. Is there any difference?

A: Yes there is (although it might not appear obvious). If you look at Note 12 at the back of the form, you will see that ‘relevant’ entertainment is essentially lap-dancing or some other live display of nudity for sexual stimulation. ‘Regulated’ entertainment is activities such as live and recorded music, films, boxing and wrestling and so on. The box about ‘relevant entertainment’ was inserted recently due to concerns by the Government (whether justified or not) that operators were using the TENs procedure to have lap-dancing under the authorities’ radar. It is perfectly lawful to do this under a TEN, but now the police, licensing authority and environmental health officer need to be told about it explicitly beforehand.

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