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Music Services

Can I use internet music services in my pub?

Q:  I offer entertainment in my pub and have live and recorded music authorised by my premises licence.  I have been using a DJ on Friday and Saturday nights but this is starting to become expensive.  Am I able to use a music service such as Spotify to play music for my customers without the need to hire a DJ?  I have a personal Spotify account and it serves the same purpose as our weekend DJ but obviously it saves a significant amount on costs!

A:  Most music services such as Spotify are for personal use only and do not allow you to play music in a commercial setting.  Although Spotify are working on their business service, it is only ‘live’ in some Scandinavian countries at the moment.  You will therefore need to source a music provision service which does allow commercial use or continue with your current DJ set up.  Of course, in addition to the permissions on your premises licence, you must also ensure that you have the correct licences in place to ensure that you can actually play music in your venue such as PRS and PPL authorisations

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