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Late Night Economy

What would the introduction of a Late Night Levy mean to me?

Q:  I recently attended my local Pub Watch meeting and a few of the other publicans were talking about something called a Late Night Levy.  It seems that the Police are keen to introduce this in my area to curb what they think is an unacceptable level of problems.  I do not really understand what this would mean for me although I am concerned about having to spend lots of extra money when I do not cause any of the problems that they are complaining of.

A:  A Licensing Authority can introduce what is called a Late Night Levy to raise funds to contribute to policing the night time economy. It is an annual charge which must be paid by Premises Licence Holders whose premises licence allows them to sell alcohol between “specified hours”. The specified hours will be set by the individual council and will be between midnight and 06:00am.  If a Levy is introduced then the amount you have to pay will be based on the non-domestic rateable value of the premises, and be from £299 up to £4,479 annually.  Some Councils may allow specific exemptions, for example, if you are only permitted to sell alcohol beyond midnight on New Year’s Eve, or they may offer a reduction if you are in a best practice scheme, such as a BID.  However, this is down to the individual Council. 

You may wish to reduce your premises licence hours so that you are not permitted the sale of alcohol during the specified times set by the Council and thus avoid the Levy.  However, when considering changes to your premises licence we would always recommend you take legal advice first.  You can see an up to date picture on the Late Night Levy on our website, including current proposals for reform.

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