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Do I need to be at pub?

Does a personal licence holder need to be on the premises whenever it is open?

Q: I am the Designated Premises Supervisor of my pub and therefore hold a personal licence, as does my son. My two staff at the pub are over 18 years old and they are quite experienced, however, neither of them holds a personal licence. Does a personal licence holder need to be on the premises whenever we are open?

A: Every premises licence that authorizes the sale of alcohol requires that every supply of alcohol be made or authorised by a person who holds a personal licence. However, subject to any conditions on your premises licence to the contrary, there is no requirement that the presence of the designated premises supervisor or any other personal licence holder is required on the premises at all times. A personal licence holder, in this case you or your son, may authorise members of staff to make sales of alcohol but may be absent at times from the premises when a transaction takes place.

The authorisation does not have to be in written form, however I would strongly recommend that personal licence holders give specific written authorisations to individuals whom they are authorising to sell alcohol. A single written authorisation, identifying each staff member who is authorised, is sufficient to cover multiple sales over an unlimited period. This would assist personal licence holders in demonstrating due diligence if issues arise with enforcement authorities; and it would also protect your staff if they are challenged in respect of their authority to sell alcohol.

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