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Do I have to follow the minimum price?

Can I sell alcohol below the cost of VAT and duty?

Q: I understand that it is now a legal requirement not to sell alcohol below the cost of VAT and duty. I have just received my Premises Licence back from the Licensing Authority after changing the Designated Premises Supervisor. The licence does not include any condition restricting the price I can sell alcohol at. Does this mean that I can ignore this condition if it is not on my Premises Licence?

A: No you cannot. The Licensing Authority should have included it on your Premises Licence as a condition if it was reissued after 28 May 2014. You are still legally obliged to observe the minimum price. It would be sensible (so that it acts as a reminder to you and your staff) to return the licence to your Licensing Authority and ask for it to be reissued with the condition upon it.

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