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Changing your operation

Points to consider if you are considering extending your opening hours

Q:  I’ve recently taken over a pub facing an industrial estate that has a 24 hour print works. I’d like to take advantage of the potential extra revenue by selling hot food and drinks to the shift workers until around 1am; we currently close the kitchen at 9pm. I assume I’m ok to do this as I just want to stay open for longer solely for this purpose?

A: The requirement for permission for Late Night Refreshment (LNR) only applies from 2300, so you can provide hot food and hot non-alcoholic drinks until 11pm immediately, subject to any restrictions on your licence and your current permitted opening hours.  Beyond that, check the existing permissions on your licence as you may already have the necessary authorisation. 

If not, you will need to ensure that LNR and your hours open to the public are authorised until at least 0100. You may be able to do this with a Minor Variation but I would advise you to speak with your Licensing Authority in advance as they may require a full variation given the proposed times of trading.

For further information contact Associate Andy Grimsey on 0115 953 8500.

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