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Change of address will affect DPS application

Consequences of failing to notify the Local Authority of change of address

Q: I am the premises licence holder of a bar and I have recently applied to put myself on as DPS, as my manager has left. However, the Licensing Authority has refused the application on the basis that my personal licence has not been updated with my current address. It is true, but how can they stop me from applying to be the DPS?

A: Firstly, failure to notify the Licensing Authority who issues you with your personal licence of your change of address is a criminal offence. The first thing you should do therefore is to tell that Licensing Authority of your new address. Whilst the address on your personal licence is not required to be stated on the DPS variation form, the Police do often check their central records for things like this and perhaps this is how it has come up as an issue. It should not in my opinion actually prevent the DPS application from being processed, but until you have complied with the law yourself and updated your personal licence you may find your pleas fall on deaf ears. For example, it may not help you a great deal if you persuade the Licensing Authority to accept the application as valid only to have the Police object on the crime prevention objective on the basis that you are committing a criminal offence.

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