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Can I show classic files?

Do I need to vary my licence to allow "exhibition of film?

Q: I am considering having a television at the premises so my customers can watch TV programmes while they have a meal or a few drinks. I am also considering showing DVD’s of classic movies such as Casablanca and Breakfast at Tiffany’s on certain nights. At the moment I have my TV licence as well as the other required licences and subscriptions in place. However, my current premise licence does not permit the ‘exhibition of film’; do I need to apply to change my licence to include this activity?

A: Yes, you may require to vary your premises licence. The exhibition of a film is defined as ‘Regulated Entertainment’ under the Licensing Act and therefore requires licensing. However, there is an exemption to this requirement for the ‘simultaneous reception and playing of a programme’, that is any programmes broadcast through your television. Therefore, if you intend to show DVD’s to customers then you will need to vary your premises licence to permit the ‘exhibition of film’. If, on the other hand, you decide you only wish to show programmes broadcast through your television, and not DVD’s, then you will not require this authorisation.

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