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Tag:Premises licence

Premises licence

Licence lapse issue

11 May 2015

What happens if a joint premise licence holder dies?

Premises licence

Bankruptcy and a lapsed licence.

11 May 2015

Does my premises licence lapse if I declare myself bankrupt?

Premises licence

Do I need to display every page of my Premise Licence Summary?

11 May 2015

My local police licensing officers has advised me to display each page of my Premises Licence summary is this correct?

Premises licence

Installing a coffee vending machine in my shop.

11 May 2015

The police say I may need a Premises Licence - is that right?

Premises licence

Decoding premises licences

02 April 2015

Decrypting a premises licences - here are some examples

Premises licence

When it is right to refuse service

19 March 2015

Refusing service and denying entry are always tricky issues - here is our overview of the main legal and operational…

Premises licence

Variations to the premises licence

26 February 2015

Tops tips to consider prior to lodging your variation application

Premises licence

The Transfer of a premises licence

03 October 2013

What can I do if I cannot obtain the consent of the current premise licence holder?

Premises licence

Consequences of non-payment of annual fee

18 July 2013

Can the Local Authority suspense my Premises Licence?

Premises licence

Provisional Statement

27 June 2013

What is a Provisional Statement and how do they apply?

Premises licence

Takeaway licence poser

30 May 2013

Do I need a Premises Licence to sell hot food after 11pm?

Premises licence

At what stage can I transfer the premises licence

28 February 2013

At what stage can I transfer the premises licence?

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