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Do I need to display every page of my Premise Licence Summary?

My local police licensing officers has advised me to display each page of my Premises Licence summary is this correct?

Q: I have been advised by my local Police Licensing Officer that I have to have each and every page of my Premises Licence summary on display which runs to a total of 6 pages. Is this correct? At the moment I have the front page on display in a locked cabinet behind the bar with the other pages behind it where it is clearly visible, but members of the public cannot actually access the box.

A: There are differing views on this. The summary of the Premises Licence has to be prominently displayed at the premises but what does ‘prominently displayed’ mean? The point of the Premises Licence summary is that members of the public, and indeed the authorities can read the summary for the full details of the hours on the Premises Licence and who the Designated Premises Supervisor and Premises Licence Holder are.

If these details can be conveniently read by a member of the public or the authorities, who can simply flick through the pages of the summary, then we would suggest that that is satisfactory and there is no need to display each and every page of the summary.

However, the contrary view has been expressed that every page of the summary should be displayed quite separately. Not surprisingly, there have been no prosecutions brought for simply displaying a Premises Licence stapled together and attached to the wall. We would certainly recommend that you remove the summary from the locked cabinet and display it stapled together in a place where it is prominently displayed and can be read by the public or the authorities coming into the premises.

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