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Premises licence, Publications

Applying for a premises licence or premises license

11 April 2022

A simple guide on how to apply for a premises licence or premise license for restaurants, bars, pubs, or anything…

Premises licence

Government reject consultation to extend the Licensing Act 2003 to airside in Airports

15 December 2021

55% of the responses to the call for evidence were against the extension

Premises licence

Licence to serve

15 November 2017

If you are in the licensed trade and running a restaurant then there are a few points that you will…

Premises licence

Hostile Transfers

14 November 2017

Regaining a premises licence from a former tenant can cost landlords dearly

Premises licence

Shadow Licences – The Landlord’s Safety Net

12 October 2017

Can more than one party hold a Premises Licence?

Premises licence

Good Operating Practices and a Well Run Business

03 October 2017

Top Ten Compliance Tips

Premises licence

Review of a Premises Licence

19 September 2017

Top Tips - Being proacting to avoid a Review

Premises licence

The importance of legal wording on conditions

04 September 2017

Often the exact wording of conditions is not possible so give and take is necessary

Premises licence

Putting you on notice

04 September 2017

Top Tips - know your obligations when notices are to be displayed

Premises licence

Acquisition of premises

22 August 2017

Make sure you enquire before you acquire

Premises licence

I’m creating more trading space for my pub

09 June 2017

What are my licensing obligations?

Premises licence

New premises licence granted in Southwark

01 June 2017

Objections overturned pave way for new London Hotel Bar

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