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Tag:Food safety & hygiene

Food safety & hygiene

New allergen legislation comes into force on 1st October 2021

29 September 2021

Are you ready for Natasha’s Law?

Food safety & hygiene

Michael Gove MP Backs FSA’s Food Labelling Recommendation

28 June 2019

Michael Gove MP has announced that new laws known as ‘Natasha’s Law’ will be implemented

Food safety & hygiene

National pubco fined for food hygiene offences

13 May 2019

£180k fine for serious failings

Food safety & hygiene

Allergen Information – Lessons To Be Learnt

29 April 2019

How is customer allergen information communicated in your food premises?

Food safety & hygiene

Allergens – FSA Consultation on Labelling of Allergens

25 January 2019

The FSA has opened a 9 week consultation on the labelling of allergens – have your say

Food safety & hygiene

Food Safety Withdrawals and Recalls in the UK…

21 January 2019

The fundamental principle in the regulations, is that food shall not be placed on the market if it is unsafe.…

Food safety & hygiene

Regulating our future

05 September 2018

Changes to the Food Business Operator registration process – Coming March 2019

Food safety & hygiene

Seizure, Prohibition, Forfeiture & Destruction… does the FSA have the power?

25 January 2018

A Birmingham based meat supplier finds itself in a very difficult position – what powers does the FSA have, and…

Food safety & hygiene

Food Allergens – The Need to Get it Right

22 January 2018

The death of a customer found to be from an allergic reaction, even after she had identified her allergies to…

Food safety & hygiene

Food hygiene – be a cut above!

18 January 2018

Restaurant fined £50K breaching Food Hygiene Regulations

Food safety & hygiene

Dropping Standards

16 October 2017

Cleanliness: standrds must be monitored and maintained

Food safety & hygiene

Tougher Enforcement…

21 September 2017

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