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Food hygiene – be a cut above!

Restaurant fined £50K breaching Food Hygiene Regulations

For restaurants and pubs who serve food, the amount of regulations and procedures that are required often seems overwhelming. The red tape of regulation in this area seems never ending. A recent prosecution by Birmingham City Council reminds us all how enforcement of these regulations is a constant threat if non-compliance is found.

When restaurant, ‘Ibrahim’s Grill & Steakhouse’ was inspected they were said to be non-compliant with a raft of food hygiene regulations. One of which was in relation to the wooden boards food was being presented on. They were subsequently prosecuted under the Food Hygiene Regulations for the unsanitary conditions and fined by Birmingham Magistrates Court £50,000.

Restaurants are evolving and investing evermore in innovative ways of showcasing food, but this should not be at the cost of food hygiene. We would advise a stock check as to the ways in which you showcase your food, and ensure that these are able to be fully and properly cleaned. If not – get rid of them. A breach of these regulations for a high turnover company could result in a fine of tens to hundreds of thousands of pounds.

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