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World Cup – Guidance for Licensed Premises

Licensing solicitors, Poppleston Allen share tips and advice for the World Cup 2022.

The men’s FIFA World Cup kicks-off on the 20th of November 2022 with both England and Wales attempting to go all the way. If your premises is considering getting behind the boys in white (or red) here is some helpful guidance to help keep the premises “on-side”.

For the first time in the competitions history the tournament will be played in the winter, with matches throughout November and December, cumulating with the final on the 18th of December. The guidance below is intended to ensure you have a busy and successful trading period during this football festive period.

Screening the football indoors

You are not required to have any particular permission for regulated entertainment if you are simply showing live TV. However, if you do decide to show retro football matches or previous world cup glory on the TV beforehand then this would be a licensable activity and you would need permission for films on your premises licence. If you do not have this permission, you may want to look at submitting a Temporary Events Notice (TEN’s) to allow the premises to screen the previous matches.

The premises will need a valid TV licence to cover any matches shown on terrestrial TV. If there is separate living accommodation at the site where terrestrial TV is also being shown, this must be covered by a separate licence. The premises may also need a PRS / PPL licence to deal with any copyright issues.

Screening the football outdoors

Even though the tournament is during the winter you might choose to screen matches in outdoor areas. If so, check that there are not conditions on your licence that would restrict the use of outdoor areas. Consider the impact of increased noise levels outside with regards to local residents. You may require a TEN if your outdoor area has restricted use or if you would like to use a external bar. Please find our TENS deadline guidance below.

Premises Licences

During the course of the World Cup, it is likely that the responsible authorities will carry out checks of licensed premises. It is always best to engage with the authorities at an early stage, such as advising the local police licensing officer in advance of your plans for showing the World Cup matches and taking cognisance of any advice they give.

In addition, it is advisable to review your premises licence, as due to the increased chance of a licensing visit, it is a perfect opportunity to ensure the premises is compliant with all licensing conditions and to ensure the licensing objectives are continually promoted.

Check the premises licence has the correct individual named as the DPS. Ensure all the conditions and timings on the premises licence are being complied with, for example, if notices are required ensure these are prominently displayed.

Staff Training

In the next few weeks before the World Cup begins, it is advisable to undertake refresher training of staff members. You should go through the terms of your premises licence with staff and door supervisors, where relevant, and ensure that all are aware of the requirements placed upon them. It is the responsibility of all staff to uphold the conditions on the premises licence and the licensing objectives under the Licensing Act. Staff should be able to recognise the effects of alcohol and spot early signs of customers becoming drunk, while also being able to recognise when assistance schemes, such as Ask Angela, are required.

Increase footfall

In addition to these key points, operators also need to think about how the games may impact their existing trade, not least because the tournament runs through to December 18th, a period where many licensees are accommodating long-overdue Christmas parties. Operators are going to need to work hard to make sure these two important times to the trade can co-exist harmoniously and a safe and fun environment is maintained for all.

The upcoming World Cup and festive period is a fantastic opportunity for the licensed trade after a torrid few years during the pandemic. Whether Gareth leads England all the way or Wales are the tournament surprise package, it is safe to say we all hope for a successful festive period for all!

Click here for standard and late TENS date.

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