News Q&As on Coronavirus Regulations and Compliance

Q&As dealing with current issues relating to entertainment and requirements to check household/bubble status

“With the ongoing challenges faced by everyone involved in the hospitality sector, and with an ever changing landscape post lockdown number 2; there have been a number of questions associated with the All Tier Regulations (England). Two key issues are those relating to entertainment and re-purposing of premises and additionally the management of customers at premises in terms of compliance with the requirements for single household/bubble in Tier 2 indoors. Our Nexstart group has looked at these issues and the below document sets out our thoughts by way of Q&A."

See document here.

Contributors are:

  • Jim Cathcart – UK Hospitality;
  • Ian Graham – National Police Chiefs Council, Licensing Advisory Group;
  • John Miley – National Association of Licensing Enforcement Officers;
  • Clare Eames – Poppleston Allen;
  • David Lucas – Institute of Licensing;
  • Leo Charalambides – Kings Chambers