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Pool and darts poser – is it regulated entertainment?

I want to provide a pool table and a dartsboard for customers.

Q: I am a pub landlord. I am refurbishing the pub and I am considering using a large area which was previously used as a restaurant and putting a pool table or dart board there for customers to use. I understand that certain activities are regarded as regulated entertainment and require licensing. At present my Premises Licence does not give me authority for regulated entertainment; will I need to apply for this to be changed?

A: No, you will not need to apply to vary your Premises Licence. From what you’ve told me, it seems that the game of pool or darts will be played for the private enjoyment of the participants and not for the entertainment of spectators. In that case it won’t be classed as the provision of regulated entertainment and require licensing. However, if you are thinking of hosting a pool or darts league and the games take place in front of an audience for their entertainment (as opposed to just the participants) then that activity would be viewed as regulated entertainment and would need to be licensed.

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