News Platinum Lounge has Sexual Entertainment Venue Licence Renewed

Platinum Lounge has Sexual Entertainment Venue Licence renewed for a period of 6 months

"In our previous eNews (available here ) we reported that Platinum Lounge were successful in their challenge to the High Court and it was ordered that that the Council's original decision to refuse to renew their Sexual Entertainment Venue Licence be quashed.

It was then necessary for the application to renew their SEV Licence to be heard again by a properly constituted panel and this hearing took place on 25th July 2014. Their Decision has now been released.

The panel considered that there were two main matters which they had to determine and these were 'whether there were any direct amenity impacts (or direct harm) on account of the operation of the Club' and 'whether, irrespective of the existence of any direct amenity impacts, it was inappropriate (as distinct from directly harmful) for a SEV to be located on Chester's historic Rows.

'The panel acknowledged that there 'had been no licensing issues or enforcement activity since 2005 when the Club began operating in 2005' and were 'content that the Club was well and responsibly managed and there was evidence to show that it had taken appropriate steps to deal with complaints that had been brought to its attention.

'In considering the direct amenity impacts the panel was of the view that the majority of the complaints were 'difficult to attribute specifically to the Club' and that the Club was 'fairly inconspicuous.

' The panel gave 'due weight to the good, compliant management history of the Club.

'In considering the appropriateness of the SEV on the Rows the panel did not think that there was 'sufficiently compelling evidence to persuade it that, at the current time, the inconspicuous and well managed Club was fundamentally incongruous or in conflict with its location on the Rows.

'In a unanimous decision the panel decided to renew the SEV Licence, subject to some additional/amended conditions being added to the Licence.Sarah Clover was instructed by Poppleston Allen on Behalf of Platinum Lounge.