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London Borough decides not to re-introduce cumulative impact areas

A London Borough has decided not to re-introduce cumulative impact areas but instead has incorporated new suggested ‘licensing hours’ for premises within its revised Licensing Policy

“Following a consultation and review of its existing Statement of Licensing Policy, including its Cumulative Impact Assessment (CIA), Hammersmith and Fulham Council has decided not to re-introduce the two previous CIAs in place for Shepherd’s Bush and Fulham Broadway.

Instead, as part of changes to the revised Statement of Licensing Policy, the Council has introduced new suggested “licensing hours” which were not previously in place, “ to act as a guide for new or existing operators”, which include suggested closing times for types of licensed premises based on location i.e. town centres, mixed use areas and residential.

The revised Licensing Policy incorporating the changes has taken effect and for full details please see the revised policy which is available to view on the council website and can also be found on the link below:

Licensing policy | LBHF

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