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Our licensing expertise is now on Wikipedia, too

This is on top of our licensing solicitors getting regular coverage in the national press


As the leading firm of licensing solicitors in England and Wales, the national and regional press regularly turn to us for legal advice and clarification.

For example, just last week BBC Radio interviewed licensing solicitor Jonathan Smith, who was discussing the laws around a premises right to refuse the sale of alcohol based on age. You can listen to the interview here.

And now, a quick search of the world’s largest online encyclopaedia, Wikipedia, highlights 4 areas were the website has referenced our licensing expertise. These being:

Covid 19 and licensing
Wikipedia contains a a reference and link to our comprehensive guide entitled: ‘How COVID-19 changed the Hospitality Industry’. This guide, which is almost 2,000 words long and covers a timeline of the various restrictions and lockdowns from the pandemic, was written by licensing solicitor Andy Grimsey and licensing barrister Gary Grant.

Alcohol licensing laws of the United Kingdom – The Live Music Act
This reference is again for licensing solicitor Andy Grimsey. This time with regards to when he drafted the Live Music Act for the Government; working with The Lord Clement-Jones CBE, a current member of the House of Lords. You can read an overview of the Act, along with a downloads PDF, here

Mandatory licensing conditions
This Wikipedia references and clarifies the laws around irresponsible promotions of alcoholic drinks. This area is a real challenge for operators of licensed premises who often seek guidence and clarification.

Gambling in the United Kingdom – the Gambling Act 2005
Written by betting and gaming licensing specialist solicitor Richard Bradley, this article focused on changes to planning laws to give licensed premises greater flexibility. It also gives advice on how to avoid accidently allowing illegal betting at a premises.

All of the above articles can be found here on Wikipedia

Plus, here you can read many other examples of where our licensing solicitors are quoted in the news can be read here.

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Licensing questions?

If you have any questions on licensing regards alcohol and betting and gaming, please contact one of our solicitors who will be more than happy to help answer them for you.

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