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BBC Radio turns to Poppleston Allen solicitors for advice on laws around refusing the sale of alcohol due to age

Supermarket retailer Aldi refused to sell alcohol to a 47 year old who was shopping with her 14 year old daughter


BBC Radio Nottingham turned to licensing solicitors, Poppleston Allen, to clarify the laws around the right to refuse the sale of alcohol in England and Wales. 

Partner and licensing solicitor, Jonathan Smith, was interviewed on  BBC Radio Nottingham’s breakfast show, hosted by Sarah Julian, over a recent issue in a Nottingham Aldi supermarket.

The debate was started after 47 year old mother, Kirsty, shared her experience of trying to buy alcohol long with her usual groceries from the popular retailer. The cashier refused to sell the alcohol to Kirsty as she was shopping with her 14 year old daughter, who is not old enough to buy alcohol.

This caused much confusion as Kirsty, the person actually buying the alcohol, is a fair bit above the legal age of 18.

Listen to partner and licensing expert Jonathan Smith clarify the licensing laws in force in England and Wales.

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