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Operating Licence condition to prohibit betting on EuroMillions

Department for Digital, Culture Media & Sport publishes consultation response

“Earlier this year we reported on the Government’s consultation on its proposals to prohibit betting on non-UK EuroMillions draws.

EuroMillions is formed of a partnership between several European lottery operators and is therefore, technically, a separate game in each country and some betting operators have, to date, offered bets on the non-UK games.

The Government has now published its consultation response and has confirmed that betting on non-UK EuroMillions draws will be prohibited by way of a new operating licence condition.  An implementation date has not yet been confirmed.

The consultation response confirms that:

  • Betting on non-UK EuroMillions draws is contrary to the intention and spirit of section 95 of the Gambling Act and the established principle that operators should not be permitted to offer bets on the National Lottery;
  • The new provision seeks to preserve a distinction between betting and The National Lottery to protect returns to good causes and prevent consumer confusion;
  •  The new licence condition will apply at the point of consumption, in line with the licensing regime for remote gambling legislation; and
  • The new condition will not apply to other international lotteries, such as the Irish Lottery or New York State Lottery, as these lotteries do not raise funds for UK good causes.”

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