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UK Government to Consult on Lottery Betting Loophole

UK Government seeks to put an end to non-UK EuroMillions betting market

“Betting on the outcome of lotteries associated with the National Lottery is not permitted under the Gambling Act 2005 and this includes the UK EuroMillions draw. However, some betting operators have circumvented this by offering bets on the EuroMillions draws outside of the UK.

In spite of the draw being exactly the same for all participating countries, EuroMillions is formed of a partnership between several European lottery operators and is therefore, technically, a separate game in each country and betting operators have offered bets on the non-UK games.

The National Lottery has it’s own regulatory framework which aims to keep it distinct from regulated gambling and protect it as a vehicle for raising money to support good causes. The Government’s concern is that betting on the non-UK EuroMillions is against the spirit of this intention and could take money away from ticket sales and the charitable causes it was intended to support.

The Department for Culture, Media & Sport are now consulting on the prohibition of betting on non-UK EuroMillions, with a view to extending the ban to all EuroMillions draws by way of a new licence condition.”

Link to government consultation papers:


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