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New Welsh COVID Regulations forcing premises to shut at 6pm

Bars, cafes, canteens, restaurants and pubs must stop selling alcohol on the premises

The Health Protection (Coronavirus Restrictions and Functions of Local Authorities) (Amendment) (Wales) Regulations 2020 are today to be laid before the Welsh Parliament, detailing a 6pm curfew on bars, cafes, canteens restaurants and pubs.

The restrictions mean that premises cannot open before 6am and must close after 6pm every day and cannot sell alcohol at any time for consumption on the premises. Save for limited exemptions.

Takeaway services can continue to operate until 10pm providing food and drinks (including alcohol) for consumption off the premises.

Bingo halls, bowling alleys, casinos, cinemas and more indoor entertainment venues must also close from 6pm tomorrow.

These new restrictions come into force from 6pm tomorrow (4 December) and will be reviewed on 17 December.

The full amendment regulations can be found here

For more information please contact one of our licensing solicitors.

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