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Mulled wine at Christmas Fair

Can I sell

Q: I am organising a Christmas fair at my local church hall and I would like to have a mulled wine stall selling wine to visitors of the fair. I am planning to buy a mulled wine ‘mix’, but I am unsure of the alcohol content and I may wish to add my own alcohol to the mix. Will I need a licence?

A: You will almost certainly need authorisation, in the form of a Temporary Event Notice, if the church hall does not have a Premises Licence. For the purposes of the Licensing Act 2003 alcohol is defined as having a strength exceeding 0.5% ABV at the time of sale or supply. If you are adding your own wine or indeed port or brandy, (even allowing for some of the alcohol having evaporated), then it is almost certain to be above 0.5% ABV. As such, I suggest you decide to sell the mulled wine either completely alcohol free, or commit to obtaining the appropriate authorisation.

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