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Spiking – Government publish advice and support information

05 January 2024

The Government has published information with advice, support, guidance and factsheets regarding drinks spiking


Midlands Council decide not to proceed with further consideration of an Early Morning Restriction Order

23 February 2023

Councillors voted unanimously not to seek further statistics and evidence


Midlands Council considering Early Morning Restriction Order Consultation

21 February 2023

Councillors will meet on Wednesday 22 February 2023 to decide upon whether to consult upon plans for an EMRO


Christmas Raffles – can we have alcohol as prizes?

17 May 2018

Can we include alcoholic prizes in a raffle without holding a Premises Licence?


Responsible Drinks Promotions – Compliance with the ASA ‘CAP Code’ & Mandatory Licensing Conditions

15 February 2018

Things to consider when thinking of running a drinks promotion to ensure it is compliant with the ASA ‘CAP Code’…


Polycarbonate Beer Goggles

07 June 2017

A trade-off between safety and customer experience?


Designated Driver

06 December 2016

Top Tips - take measures to help designated drivers


A Measured Approach

03 June 2016

Top Tips on ensuring on how to make customers aware of all measures available


Self Service Taps…Possible pitfalls of ‘tapping’ into DIY

14 January 2016

Key points to consider if want to install self-service taps?


Latest information about how the AWRS might affect you

02 December 2015

Here's the latest information about how the Alcohol Wholesaler Registration Scheme affect you


HMRC postpone Alcohol Wholesaler Registration Scheme until 1 January 2016

25 September 2015

Alcohol Wholesaler Registration Scheme will be delayed until 1 January 2016.


How Drunk is Drunk?

21 June 2015

This article looks at the challenges of drunkenness and licensed premises

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