News London Borough of Barking and Dagenham adopt SEV Licensing Policy

The new policy sets the appropriate level of SEVs in the area at 0

"Last month the Council Assembly of London Borough of Barking and Dagenham resolved to adopt a new Sexual Entertainment Venue (SEV) Licensing Policy, following public consultation with over 90% of respondents supporting the proposal.

The policy provides that the appropriate number of SEV’s within the Council borough to be set at 0. All applications for a new SEV licence will be considered on their own merits, however the policy states it will be strictly applied and licences will only be granted in exceptional circumstances. Good character and high standard of management will not alone constitute exceptional circumstances.

Alongside the new policy, the Council have further adopted a standard set of licence conditions to be automatically imposed on any new SEV licence, if granted. Both documents are set to be in force until 2022."

Link to the new policy and standard conditions is below.

For further information contact managing partner Lisa Sharkey on or call 0115 953 8500.