News Jeremy Allen Award 2018

Nominations Now Open!

  • Date: 18 July 2018
  • Author/Solicitor: Carl Weston

We are delighted to continue the Jeremy Allen Award, now in its 8th year, in partnership with the Institute of Licensing (IOL)

This prestigious award is open to anyone working in licensing and related fields and seeks to recognise and award exceptional practitioners.  Crucially, entry to the award is by third party nomination, which in itself is a tribute to the nominee in that they have been put forward by colleagues in recognition and out of respect to their professionalism and achievements.


Nominations for the 2018 award are invited by no later than 7 September 2018.  The criteria are shown below and we look forward to receiving nominations from you.  Please email nominations to and confirm that the nominee is aware and happy to be nominated.

Award criteria

The award is a tribute to excellence in licensing and will be given to practitioners who have made a notable difference by consistently going the extra mile.  This might include:

a) Local authority practitioners for positively and consistently assisting applicants by going through their licence applications with them and offering pragmatic assistance / giving advice.

b) Practitioners instigating mediation between industry applicants, local authorities, responsible authorities and / or local residents to discuss areas of concern / to enhance mutual understanding between parties.

c) Practitioners instigating or contributing to local initiatives relevant to licensing and /or the night-time economy.  This could include, for example, local pubwatch groups, BIDS, Purple Flag initiatives etc.

d) Practitioners using licensing to make a difference.

e) Regulators providing guidance to local residents and / or licensees.

f) Practitioners’ involvement with national initiatives, engagement with Government departments / national bodies, policy forums etc.

g) Practitioners’ provision of local training / information sharing.

h) Private practitioners working with regulators to make a difference in licensing.

i) Responsible authorities taking a stepped approach to achieving compliance and working with industry practitioners to avoid the need for formal enforcement.

j) Regulators making regular informal visits to licensed premises to engage with industry operators in order to provide information and advice in complying with legal licensing requirements.

k) Regulators undertaking work experience initiatives to gain a more in-depth understanding of industry issues, or industry practitioners undertaking work experience initiatives to gain a more in-depth understanding of regulatory issues.

l) Practitioners embracing and developing training initiatives / qualifications.

m) Elected councillors promoting change within local authorities / industry areas; showing a real interest and getting involved in the licensing world.

The annual award seeks to recognise individuals for whom licensing is a vocation rather than just a job.  Everyone nominated for this award should feel very proud that others have recognised their commitment and dedication.  

For further information contact Carl Weston, Head of Marketing and Business Development, on 0115 953 8500 or email