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House of Lords appoints Committee to consider issues relating to gambling

The Special Inquiry Committee will investigate the social and economic impact of the gambling industry

“The House of Lords has appointed a Special Inquiry Committee to investigate the social and economic impact of the gambling industry.

The Committee will be chaired by Lord Grade of Yarmouth and has been tasked with considering a number of issues relating to the gambling industry.

  • In particular, the inquiry is expected to look at:-
  • The current state of the industry;
  • The effect of on-line gambling;
  • The “gamblification” of sport;
  • The lack of accurate estimates of the extent of the gambling problem;
  • The industry’s contribution towards research, education and treatment of problem gamblers;
  • Advertising;
  • The effects of participation in lotteries.

The Committee will issue a call for evidence shortly.”

For further information about this or any other gambling or licensing matter, contact solicitor David Inzani on 020 3859 7760 or email d.inzani@popall.co.uk

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