News Home Office announces new measures to deal with illegal immigrants.

Operators employing illegal workers could lose licence under proposed legislation.

Commenting, Andy Grimsey, Associate at Poppleston Allen said: “James Brokenshire, Immigration Minister announced yesterday that building on the Immigration Act 2014 a new Immigration Bill will be introduced in Autumn of this year to deal with illegal migrants. The Bill will include a range of new powers to deter people from trying to find work in the UK illegally, together with measures to deal more effectively with “rogue businesses” who offer them employment.

New powers in the Bill will make it easier to prosecute an employer who knows, or reasonably suspects, that the person they employ has no permission to work in the UK, the existing evidence requirement to prove the offence will be changed to “boost” prosecutions and the current maximum sentence increased from 2 to 5 years.

Employers who continue to flout the law and evade sanctions could see their businesses close for up to 48 hours while they prove right to work checks have been conducted on staff.

Late night takeaways and off-licences will be required to comply with immigration laws as a condition of obtaining and holding licences.

Lastly, further new powers will mean that any pub, off-licence or late night takeaway that fails to comply with immigration laws or employs illegal workers could be stripped of their licence to operate.

We will give you more information once we have further details of the legislation.”


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Source: Poppleston Allen