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Government to consult on later trading hours for pubs and bars for UEFA Euro 2024 football tournament

The Licensing Act allows the extending of hours on occasions which are of “exceptional national or international significance“

The Government is consulting on later trading hours for pubs and bars for the UEFA Euro 2024 football tournament, taking place in Germany between June and July 2024.

The consultation sets out a proposal to relax the licensing hours for both the semi-final and final for the 2024 UEFA European Championship should England, Scotland or Wales make any of these games.

The proposal is open to members of the public, local authorities and other interested parties in England and Wales where the proposals would apply. The consultation is silent on an extension in Scotland.

The consultation is to extend the licensing hours should any UK nation make the semi-final or final of the Euro 2024 football tournament. The government would make an order under S.172 of the Licensing Act 2023 that licensed premises would be able to extend their licensed trade hours from 11pm until 1am (early hours of the morning after the matches have taken place).

Any extension would relate to the sale of alcohol for consumption on the premises only and for the provision of late-night refreshment (sale of hot food and drink). The proposal does not extend to the sale of alcohol for consumption off the premises (for example supermarkets and off-licences).

Under S.172 of the Licensing Act 2003, the Secretary of State may make an order relaxing licensing hours for licensed premises in relation to a ‘celebration period’ to make an occasion of ‘exceptional international, national of local significance’. Since the introduction of the Act, the power has been used on several occasions, most notably the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, World Cup 2014, and Euro Championship 2020. It was not used for the Women’s World Cup final this year.

A link to the consultation can be found here.

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