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Government rejects £2 cap for FOBT stake limits

Council campaign to reduce stakes on fixed-odds betting terminals rejected

Commenting, Richard Bradley, Solicitor at Poppleston Allen said:

“Newham Council recently led 93 Councils in a bid to cap the maximum stake of category B2 gaming machines, commonly known as fixed-odds betting terminals, at £2, a significant reduction from the £100 currently permitted. The proposals were apparently made in attempt to prevent clustering of betting shops, particularly in deprived areas.

However, it appears that the proposals may have been rejected as the BBC has reported that a Government spokesman has said “We do not support Newham Council’s proposals as we have already acted by introducing stronger gambling controls to further protect players and promote responsible gambling. The Government will continue to monitor the effectiveness of existing controls and will take further action if necessary.”

Changes implemented earlier this year have included measures to prevent unsupervised stakes above £50 and the reclassification betting shops under planning legislation.

The BBC has quoted Newham’s Mayor, Sir Robin Wales, as stating that the decision was an “insult” to Councils and that it will be challenged.

This may not be the end of proposals that may affect the placement of or the stake and prize limits of these controversial gaming machines.

The Scottish Parliament is also looking at measures to vary the number of the gaming machines sited in betting premises as powers may soon devolve to Holyrood under the Scotland Bill.

We will continue to monitor all proposals.”

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Source: Poppleston Allen

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