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Gambling Commission issues call for evidence on online gambling with credit cards.

The Gambling Commission is considering whether restrictions are necessary to limit online gambling with credit cards.

“The Gambling Commission has issued a call for evidence on gambling online with credit cards.

Last year the Commission outlined their support for the Responsible Gambling Strategy Board’s advice that customers should not be able to gamble with borrowed money, including credit cards.

The Commission are now considering restricting or completely prohibiting the use of credit cards for online gambling and are seeking information from stakeholders including gambling operators, financial institutions, customers and debt relief charities. In particular, the Commission are interested in:-

  • Information that will help to develop a comprehensive picture of gambling with credit cards, including the scale of their use and associated risks; and
  • Evidence of effective harm prevention measures that could present alternatives to restricting or prohibiting gambling with credit cards.

The consultation closes on 16th May 2019, following which the Commission will outline their detailed proposals on the issue for further consultation.

Any interested parties can provide comments via the Gambling Commission’s website – https://www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk/news-action-and-statistics/Consultations/Open-consultations/Gambling-Commission-calls-for-evidence-on-gambling-online-with-credit-cards.aspx.”

For more information on this topic or anything else licensing related, please contact Solicitor, David Inzani on d.inzani@popall.co.uk or 0203 859 7753.

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