News Further details about Queen’s Birthday extended Hours

Further information about what licensable activities are extended on 10th and 11th June 2016.

As promised, further comments on the Licensing Act 2003 (Her Majesty The Queen’s Licensing Hours) Order 2016, as mentioned in our enews of 14th April 2016

Below are a few more practical comments about the proposed Order:

(1) the extension only applies to premises in England and Wales;

(2) The Order will take what you “hold” at 11:00pm and extend it until 01:00 hours.  So, for example, if you are authorised to sell alcohol and provide regulated entertainment until at least 11:00pm these will be extended until 01:00 hours.  If you only have regulated entertainment and no alcohol until at least 11:00pm, then only regulated entertainment will be extended until 01:00 hours;

(3) As stated before, the extension does not apply to late night takeaways or other hot food establishments unless they are also authorised to sell alcohol;

(4) The extension does not apply to off-licences, be they outright off-licences or pubs or bars that authorise off sales as well as on.  What this means for pubs and bars is that sales of alcohol for consumption on the premises will be extended but off-sales will not.  If you therefore have a beer garden or patio which is not part of your licensed premises then the extension does not apply to this area and you will be limited to the existing permissions on your licence or certificate (or apply for a TEN).

(5) Any relevant conditions on your premises licence or Club Premises Certificate will continue to apply. So for example if the beer garden must close by midnight the Order does not extend this restriction.  If you have a condition stating that door staff must be employed “until the premises closes”, then clearly they must continue to be employed for the later hours.  Only the hours and activities are relaxed, not the conditions.