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Clocks set for Time Travel (British Summer Time)

In the early hours of Sunday 31st March 2019, the clocks will once again jump forward by one hour

There was a debate last year across the EU as to whether the practice of adjusting clocks by an hour in spring and autumn should be abolished. The EU Commission completed a public consultation with 84% of the 4.6 million respondents in favour of abolishing the switch.

The debate continues across the member states but with the UK, theoretically, due to leave the EU in March, any final decision is unlikely to have an immediate impact here.

So, back at home, in the early hours of Sunday 31st March 2019, the clocks will once again jump forward by one hour. For those of us at home in bed, other than an hour’s lost sleep we may not notice the difference. However, for those of you operating in the late night economy do not be caught out.

Unless there is specific provision on your Premises Licences that provides for licensable activities and opening hours to be extended by an hour when British Summertime starts, then the moment the clocks jump forward an hour, that additional time will be lost.

As an example, if your licence allows the sale of alcohol on Saturday nights until 02:00 in the early hours of Sunday morning, at 01:00 on 31st March, you will lose the extra hour’s trading.

If you would like to avoid the lost hour, you will need to issue a Temporary Event Notice for the extra time or apply to permanently amend your licensed hours.

Remember that you must provide at least 10 clear working days between issuing a Standard Temporary Event Notice and the date of the event itself, which means your notice must be received by your local Licensing Authority on the 15th March 2019 at the latest.

If you would like to vary your premises licence there will be a 28 day consultation period so you must issue a rather rapid application if you would like the extra hour granted in time.

For more information on this topic or anything else licensing related, please contact solicitor Richard Bradley on r.bradley@popallco.uk or 0115 9487 424

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